This morning, I led a group of seniors in a chair yoga class. I end every class with a simple question. This morning’s question was,  “What gifts have you been given and what gifts do you have to give to others?”

To be honest, for most of my life these kinds of questions felt like a guilt trip, just another thing to add my list.

Stopping. Asking. Reflecting. Experiencing gratitude.

Who had the time for all that?

As we step into the deep, dark Winter Solstice and prepare for the New Year, what would it feel like to stop, ask, reflect, and be grateful?

Here’s my (incomplete) gratitude list for 2018:

  • To every one of you who came to a class or workshop this year. Thank you for sharing your presence and your hearts.
  • To every woman who participated in the 101 Core Conversations project. You have given me so much to think about!
  • To each of you who has already signed up for my New Year’s Day workshop, Intention (it’s going to be a great opportunity to reflect on your gifts, AND there are still a few more spaces open if you want to join me!).
  • To my Word Gathering Women’s Writing Circle writers. Thank you for sharing your stories, your vulnerability, your genius. Your words are gifts. I cannot wait to write with you again starting on January 11!
  • And speaking of Word Gatherers, thank you to all who came and donated to the Campfire Fundraiser classes in December. I donated $250 in your name!
  • To my yogis at Ritual, the Orangevale Community Center, and the senior center. I love sharing somatic a-ha moments! What a joy it is to practice every week together.
  • To my husband. Our renewed connection and discovery of a deeper love over the last year has been a new foundation to stand on as I move forward into 2019.
  • To every friend who held me up and supported me through what turned out to be a challenging 2018. You are so loved and so appreciated.
  • To my writing buddies who sat beside me as I wrote my novel,  listened when I needed to talk about my book, and who read my chapters with a considerate, compassionate eye. 2019 will be the year of revisions and (I hope) final drafts!
  • And to my family who love me even when I’m impossible. Thanks mom, dad, Jenny, Bob, Harrison…and all members of the extended family and “usual suspects.”
  • And finally, for my own talents and gifts, the ones you allow me to share with you week after week, month after month. I am so grateful I have something to give to the world.

Let me know if you took a few moments to stop, ask, reflect, and find gratitude for all the gifts in your life. I’d love to know what gifts YOU are celebrating!

With deep gratitude and love,


Your Gifts (and I’m not talking about presents)
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