When we do our creative work for our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, or daughters, we are singing to our ancestors.

Every woman who dares to let her voice be heard tears open the fabric of the created universe.

For me, this work looks like pressing words onto paper. For others, it takes the form of knitting, sculpting, cooking, woodworking, collage, or something else one might call “handwork.”.

If you are a writer at heart, I offer the following prompt in the form of two related questions. If you are not a writer, you can use this prompt for reflection or meditation. You can dance your answer. Paint it, sculpt it, use it in the way that serves you best.

Questions:  What have these hands made? What have these hands held?

In shared vulnerability, I offer what I wrote in response to these questions three years ago:

Her hands, these days resembling S’s more than L’s, slip bead after bead onto wire, onto string. She thinks of sisters, mothers, friends as she mixes blues, purples, and greens. 

Who is this one for? She thinks as she squeezes the plier to attach the clasp.

She imagines a tall woman with long black hair. Yes, she thinks, this is the woman who will wear the amethyst. And another — a small woman with a wide face, pale hair brushing the back of her neck just below the ears — she will wear the peridot. 

And my daughters, my daughters, she thinks as she strings bead after bead, what will I make for them?

Turns out, I answered these questions from another woman’s point-of-view. You can, too. However, you decide to work with these questions, find a way to love your beautiful hands today.

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With love and support,


When You Create, You Are Singing To Your Ancestors
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