The more aware I become, the more I laugh at how funny we humans are.


In my human experience, I have encountered two kinds of people in the world:


  1. Those who want to spend their lives soul spelunking…and
  2. Those who shake their heads and say, “I don’t have time for all that touchy-feely nonsense.”


I’m part of the weirdo tribe, I guess.

In case you were wondering, that would be group #1.


Luckily, there are other people in this world who share my proclivity for deep self exploration, meaningful conversation, and creative expression.



I would expect, since you are reading this, that you might be one of the tribe. And since 2019 seems to be my year for asking this question, I ask you, “What do you want?”


When I reflected on this myself recently, this is what came out of my pen onto the page:


Without sarcasm or ulterior motives, I am declaring here and now that I will not accept a life that skims the surface anymore. I can’t fake it. I won’t.


I want to sit in circles, bear my heart and soul, cry the Laura Dern/Claire Danes cry, laugh like a crazy person, light fires, dance around them, write furiously, and then throw my words into the flames. I want every moment to be a devotion.


I want to geek out about a particular yoga pose so much that it takes up almost an entire 75-minute class. I want to show you that there is more to yoga than a “workout.” I want to slow down your body and mind so much that you actually FEEL.


And sometimes, I want to get so nerdy and read in my pajamas, scowling at anyone who comes near. Sometimes, I want to brew strong black tea and watch cozy British mysteries all day. Sometimes, I want to be alone so bad it hurts. I want to be the queen of the introverts.


And sometimes, I want to explore the world with other adventurers. Jump into freezing cold lakes. Hike up mountains. Stand in the center of an underground cave and listen to the silence.


I want to bask in the light and look deep into the dark places and ask, “What’s In There?”


I want to be who I am in every moment.


What do you want? What’s in there? Are you ready to go soul spelunking?


That’s what I offer. I offer you a portal to yourself. Sign-up for a one-on-one Intention Session where we can explore your next steps toward authenticity.


Also, mark your calendar (or better yet, SIGN-UP now) for one of my upcoming workshops:


Hope to see you in the depths!


What’s In There? Adventures in Soul Spelunking
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