It happened slowly and all at once. The lethargy. The emotional storms. The digestive upset. And then…Achoo!


Just like that, February.  


Seasonal transitions – particularly in the month or so before each equinox (February & August) – are not only physical challenges for me but emotional roller coasters. I get the spring hay fever (or summer lethargy) AND the existential crisis in one not-so-neat package. Every. Single. Time.


No matter what I do, this hasn’t changed in years. But there are things that make it better, and the most important of them is that current buzzword “self-care.”


Here are some things that help:

  • Rest – naps, baths, extra nighttime sleep
  • Clean food – the usual, more vegetables and fiber
  • Magic elixirs like herbal teas in February and fruit and herb-infused water in August
  • Movement – yoga, dance, walking, biking, swimming
  • Stillness – meditation (daily), contemplation and reflection
  • Lots and lots and lots of self-compassion
  • Whatever makes YOU feel supported


Even with all these “strategies,” one thing I’ve learned is that the complexity of seasonal change is that there is no explaining it away. There’s no fixing it. And there’s also no chance of pushing it aside and saving it for later.


Seasonal change brings me into the present moment like nothing else.


Since these transitions have been oh-so challenging for me, I guessed that I wasn’t the only one. I guessed that this might be a HUMAN thing.


So, humans, I invite you to join me on Saturday, March 9, at The Bread of Life Center for my very first ever Yoga for Seasonal Self-Care workshop where we’ll rest, meditate, reflect, drink tea, and practice lots and lots and lots of self-compassion. Let yourself be nourished with this two-hour immersion into gentle breath and movement, supported stillness, and sound. Restorative yoga uses props (blankets, bolsters, blocks) to support you in coming to a place of rest.




What is Seasonal Self-Care?
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