‘Tis the season for expectations!


A dear friend of mine (a member of my small cluster of Sagittarius soul sisters) recently confessed that she has trouble managing expectations around her birthday.


  • It should be the best day ever, right?
  • Everyone should wait on me hand and foot, right?
  • My family will behave.
  • All of my dreams will finally come true!…right?


I get it.  I’ve done it, too.


What about you? Do you still carry over childhood expectations like this during the holiday season? How about those grown-up expectations when the New Year rolls around (like…more kale)?



And does the whole thing bum you out?


Here are some questions to consider:

  • Are the expectations yours?
  • Did someone else instill them in you without your permission?
  • Do you want to move into the turning of the year with a little more ease?


If you answered yes or “well, maybe” to any of these, I’ve got you covered.


One of the most powerful things I have done for myself – the thing that truly turned my personal ship – was to STOP, LISTEN, and check-in with my heart and my gut on the regular.


In yoga practice, we start deep in the low belly (the gut) and breathe into the heart to open ourselves to the deep wisdom of the body. We slow down enough to let ourselves ask the questions:

  • How does this feel?
  • How do I want it to feel?
  • What can I do support myself even more?
  • How can I create the intention to trust my feelings – the whispers of the heart – again and again?


You know, you can ask yourself similar questions about your life.


And you don’t have to do it alone…and, dare I say, maybe shouldn’t.


I have found that the support of community has, paradoxically, held me deeply accountable to the whispers of my own heart and stirrings in my own gut.


Let’s do this together! It’s called Intention, and we’ll gather together on New Year’s Day!


Sign-up before December 21 to commit to yourself AND as an added bonus, get the Early Bird price (yes, commitment and planning does pay)!


INTENTION: New Year’s Day


Tuesday, January 1 (yes, that’s New Year’s Day)

12:30 – 4:30 PM

An afternoon to reflect, renew, and ask yourself the question: “How do I want to feel?”  Leave goal-setting and resolutions for another time and instead let yourself dream! Holly will guide you through gentle movement and writing exercises to help you uncover your truths, nurture your desires, and begin again in 2019.

Bring: loose clothing and anything you need to stay warm and comfortable, your curiosity and a heart open to your own answers.

Receive: a notebook to use during the workshop and throughout the year, light snacks, inspiring prompts to support you in finding clarity, time.


Sign-up HERE.


With love and support,


What Do You Expect?
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