“I’d recommend Word Gathering to any writer who is in need of backup and encouragement. Holly has created a relaxed, encouraging environment that emboldens writers to write and share without fear.”


“I have loved working with Holly! Her feedback is always positive and specific. She creates an environment that makes it feel safe to be vulnerable.”



Word Gathering Women’s Writing Circle

Word Gathering is a writing immersion for women that opens you to your own voice and the story you are here to tell. Forget the myth that writing has to be hard and lonely. Together, we write. Together, we practice “risky tellings.” Together, we support each other’s voices. We bravely allow ourselves to trust our intuition fully so that we can write the stories that are real, the ones that scare us, the ones that have been begging to be told. Word Gathering has been the home of novelists, bloggers, poets, memoirists, and women finding their voices again. Just know that whether you identify as a writer or not (yet), you are welcome here.

Word Gathering is a ritual, a refuge, and a rebellion.


Forget discipline. Let’s talk devotion. The secret to writing is in your breath, bones, belly, and blood. Listen. Writing isn’t just about putting pen to paper. It’s something deeper. It can be transformational. Let’s transform together.

Each time we meet, you will:

  • Commit to writing as a promise to yourself
  • Experience writing as a self-care practice
  • Trust your intuition 
  • Write what needs to be written
  • Practice in a supportive community
  • Be heard

Signs that Word Gathering is for you:

  • You know you have something to say, and you want a safe space to explore your own voice.
  • You are curious about people and the world around you. You make up stories about that one shoe on the side of the road. How did it get there? Whose was it? Why only one shoe?
  • You wrote poetry or kept a journal when you were younger but somehow along the way, you became convinced you that you were “wasting your time.” You want your words back.
  • You crave the company of other creative, authentic women. You are hungry for this kind of connected community.
  • You identify as a writer. Or you absolutely don’t. The truth is: you are a writer because you write. 

Word Gathering is NOT for you if:

  • You want a writing class. I am not here to teach you to write. I am here to give you the space to write what needs to be written.
  • You want to be told what to do. This group is designed to help you discover your own unique voice, not to follow directions.
  • You believe that to critique is to be clever…or that being criticized will make you a better writer. 
  • You are not willing to be vulnerable with your writing and with others.

Session Rhythm

  • We meet for 4-6 weeks at a time to establish community and rhythm. Each time we meet, we write what is honest and true in the moment. I provide prompts, but you never need to write directly to the prompt. Listen to the voice within and write what needs to be written. This is how your one true voice begins to emerge.
  • You will be given the opportunity to read your just-written work, but this is never pushed or required. Everyone knows going in that this is a true circle of support for every voice.
  • We do three writes. When we arrive, we write silently for 5 minutes (no prompt). I call this the Burn Page because you can write knowing you will NEVER have to share these words! The second write is usually 15-30 minutes. We write to a prompt, share (if desired), and practice giving gentle feedback. We respond with what struck us as true, what we will take with us when we leave, what we loved. For the third write, each woman is invited to read, and everyone in the group practices deep listening. Our only response is “Thank you.” 


Word Gathering Sessions


Six Weeks | Two Hours | $144 | Limit 7 writers per group

Wednesday Mornings, 10:00 am-12:00 pm PST

Apr 14,21,28; May 12, 19, 26 (no session May 5)

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Friday Mornings, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm PST

Apr 16, 23, 30; May 14, 21, 28 (no session May 7)

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