In these last few months, we’ve discovered that we are adaptable. It might not feel like it, but we are. 

Along with….everything, a few weeks ago, I started getting shooting pain down my arm originating somewhere in my shoulder and neck.

It has only gotten worse.

Wow, that could be the theme for 2020. “It’s only gotten worse!” But what I know from experience is that the healing process takes us deep into pain and suffering – it gets WAY worse before it gets better – before the wound truly heals.

As part of my physical healing, I’m wearing a new fashion accessory. Think of it as a cross between one of those really wide 1980s belts and something a female action hero might wear. My left arm is strapped to my side and…

I’m learning to use my other hand. 

You see, I’m left-handed, and this injury is on the left side, the HEART side. For so many reasons – both collective and personal – my heart hurts. As a highly sensitive person, 2020 has been brutal because along with feeling my own pain, I feel the pain of the collective, too.

The difference these days is that I have learned to create boundaries so I don’t let the feelings of others engulf me like I used to do. We all have our own healing work to do, and although we can definitely be with each other through this painful time, it is our responsibility to find our own way though it.

Honestly, my ego saw my role as a conduit for other people’s healing, and I have learned that it just doesn’t work that way. My big plans were to offer more yoga, writing circles, and a listening ear. The writing circles have been nourishment for everyone in the group, but my other plans? I have had to make adjustments to expectations. 

So, in the spirit of self-healing, I have had to take a hiatus from teaching yoga Tuesday mornings and several Sundays in a row. Given the unpredictability of the last few months, I have no expectations about when or how my going back to teaching (or not) might unfold in the future. I have a feeling my yoga offerings might look very different from what they were in the past.

This is one way I’m learning to use the other hand so to speak. How about you? What unwanted, unexpected adjustments have you had to make lately?

Wishing you health and love,


Learning to Use the Other Hand
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