Have you missed me? Not sure if you noticed, but I have not written a blog post in weeks. Summer (and my current life circumstances) have invited me to intentionally create white space for quiet reflection, gratitude, and reshuffling of priorities. I just…needed time.


Isn’t that what we all say we need? More time to discover who we are?



I am so grateful I’ve been able to spend my time joyfully teaching yoga, patiently plodding through the first draft of my novel, and rediscovering my relationship with my husband. My focus has become simple and small. Unhurried and unashamed.


It is such a relief.


This summer simplifying has given me time to:
  • Read, read, read: novels, personal growth books, relationship books, spiritual books and books of poetry
  • Float in my pool, listen to the birds, and gaze at the sky
  • Prepare and cook healthy food
  • And do some fun, meaningful things like…go to see movies


Last week, I grabbed a purse full of tissues and headed out to see the new documentary about Fred “Mister” Rogers. “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” is not just a trip down memory lane for those of us who grew up with his quiet presence during childhood, it is a reminder.


Mister Rogers reminds me that:
  • Kindness matters (probably more than anything)
  • Solitude and silence – that white space – can change our lives
  • I am a special snowflake…and there’s nothing wrong with that because so are you
  • I can always do better



Watching this movie, I see a quiet determination. And a kindred spirit.


If I am to be completely honest, I have felt very alone in sharing the message about my commitment to slow down, take time, be silent, listen, be kind (especially to yourself), and find a way to serve. Now, I know that I don’t need to have a bullhorn to be heard. I, well, need to be “just the way I am.”


Isn’t that revolutionary?


What if we all had the permission, encouragement, and room to be exactly who we are without apology?


What if:
  • The loud and boisterous weren’t shushed
  • The shy or reserved weren’t told to be more gregarious
  • The bold and brash weren’t rejected as too aggressive
  • The slow weren’t pushed to speed up
  • The enthusiasts weren’t shamed into tamping it down


What if we could see each other as human beings fist? What if we were only encouraged to be open, kind, curious, empathetic, and generous with each other even when we disagree? What if we could replace judgment with joy? What if we could replace condemnation with compassion? What if we could look past people’s beliefs and opinions and see the pain, shame, and fear that created them? What would the world look like then?



What if?


These are the questions the Mister Rogers movie inspired in me to ask. I invite you to take the time for your own questions. Mostly, I invite you to take time


With love and kindness,




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