I’ve been teaching yoga on Sunday evenings for a few years now. I love the chill end-of-the- weekend vibe that comes together energetically to create the class every week.


I’ve always seen it as a gentle class, and recently the studio streamlined class names and levels. The Sunday evening class is now dubbed “True Beginner.”


When I read the title, I realized that the word beginner brings with it all kinds of judgment. In our achievement-obsessed culture, remaining a beginner is a mortal sin. We must get BETTER.


But what if getting better meant seeing the practice anew every week, in every moment? As the breath shows us with every inhale, we are given a lifetime of opportunities to begin again.


Last week, my family watched Leaning Into the Wind, a documentary about nature artist, Andy Goldsworthy. In the movie (and in the revolutionary first documentary of his life and art, Rivers and Tides), he approaches the world with curiosity and the beginner’s mind. He’s like a man-child making rain angels and climbing through hedges.

And he knows the value of The Big Do Over.


We watched him spend hours building sculptures out of wet leaves only to see them blow away in the wind. Letting go is part of the process.


So, here we are at the beginning of the year – the Big Do Over. The world asks, “what are you going to DO this year?”


How about answering with the immortal words of another movie hero of mine, Napoleon Dynamite: “Whatever I feel like I want to do! Gosh!”


This is what I’m about. Do what you feel like you want to do. Or don’t.


That’s what we explored in my New Year’s Day workshop called Intention. We asked ourselves the essential questions: “how do I want to feel?” That’s the place of the True Beginner.


But here’s the thing about following the feeling. It doesn’t mean just floating through life HOPING you’ll feel inspired, radiant, purposeful (or whatever you desire).


No. Living a life of feeling takes Intention and – I’m so sorry to say it to my free-spirited friends – Structure.


Two feelings I have chosen to live into for 2019 are rhythm and devotion. I have decided that they work well together, so I have made up my own feeling: Rhythmically Devoted.


To be Rhythmically Devoted, my day starts with a morning routine:

  • Make the bed
  • Prepare warm lemon water
  • Scrape my tongue and brush my teeth
  • Drink the water
  • Meditate
  • Read from the Book of Awakening
  • Read my Enneathought for the Day
  • Write in my journal/planner
  • Set my daily Intentions


Whew! Sounds like a lot, but the truth is that it takes 30 minutes tops. And, for me, this morning routine has made all the difference. It has helped me understand that I have something to offer you.


If you’re at a feeling pulled in all directions, if you feel scattered and unsure of your next steps, if you want help setting up your own Rhythmically Devoted practices to support your life, that’s my specialty.


I’ve got three spots for private Intention Sessions where we can reignite your curiosity and explore what might be the best way for you to move into what is true for you, right here and right now. This is the first time I’m offering these sessions, so you will be getting in on my True Beginner pricing.


Yes, you can begin again.


Click HERE to schedule a free 20-minute chat to see if working together might be just The Big Do Over you need.


And take a look at all the group opportunities to come together with like-minded people to share the the joy of discovery.


Word Gathering Women’s Writing Circle starts again in February. Yoga for Seasonal Self-Care happens in March. And stay tuned for my announcement of the next Intention workshop series!


And if you’ve been meaning to reach out to me in any way, I’d love to hear from you. Really. How are you giving yourself permission to be a True Beginner in your own life?



Beginning Again is ALWAYS Possible
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