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Question the myth that writing is supposed to be hard and solitary. What if you were invited into the flow? What if you were companioned on the journey? What would that feel like?

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Story Sessions What do you want to say before you die? . Finding out what is true for you might be the hardest work you’ll ever do. The next hardest thing? Saying it loud and clear.  . Whether you are



Welcome to my quiet space on the internet. In this noisy, intrusive world, it it can be a challenge to hear your own voice. This has been my personal struggle, and now I’m called to assist others in finding stillness, to



WRITE WITH ME YOGA SPECIAL EVENTS Person to person connection. That’s what I’m talking about here. I believe that we need each other. Not just online. Our breath needs to inhabit the same physical space. Our bodies need to breathe,

My Recent Words

  • What Are You Making?

    What Are You Making?

    Hello dear friends, Yesterday, I was inspired to create a meditation for you (you’ll find it at the end of this message). Inside the swirl of inspiration came a realization:  . Everything I make for you, I make for myself, too.Read More »
  • What Are You All About?

    What Are You All About?

    I’ve got some fun news (and a VIDEO) to share with you below, but for now I have a question. How do you feel when you are asked: “So…what do YOU do?”  I am not a fan. Not at all.  TheRead More »
  • Do You Remember?

    Do You Remember?

    When you think about things that heal, what comes to mind? Medicines? Exercise? Talk therapy?  Nutrition? Massage or other body work? Yoga?  What would you say if I suggested writing as a way to heal?  Last week, I brought theRead More »
  • Learning to Use the Other Hand

    Learning to Use the Other Hand

    In these last few months, we’ve discovered that we are adaptable. It might not feel like it, but we are.  Along with….everything, a few weeks ago, I started getting shooting pain down my arm originating somewhere in my shoulder andRead More »
  • When You Create, You Are Singing To Your Ancestors

    When You Create, You Are Singing To Your Ancestors

    When we do our creative work for our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, or daughters, we are singing to our ancestors. Every woman who dares to let her voice be heard tears open the fabric of the created universe. For me, thisRead More »

Kind Words from Happy Clients

After attending just one Word Gathering series (four weeks), I re-connected with my love of the sounds and rhythms of words and how those words can bubble up from the unconscious.


Holly has a way of making people feel acceptable, included, and wanted. At the end of the writing series, I felt a heightened sense of wonder - did those words really come out of me?